Bright colors
Market fresh vendors
Confident stylish young men walking down the main road, arms and hands linked together in friendship appearing oblivious to the world, yet needing recognition of their superior status
Beggar children with pleading eyes and wanting hands
Enterprising children selling sticks of chewing gum
Hot sun blanching everything and everyone
Curious men staring in awe at the peaceful Asian, eager for any interaction
Sweet shop owner with a glance, casting a knowing judgement and with a smile and integrity, charging the local price
A mechanic tirelessly working on an old beat up Toyota pickup, triumphantly starting it up, black smoke out the exhaust, proud of his work
Pious men in the cleanest white robes
Respected women covered from head to toe in clean crisp black burkas, eyes peering out searching for interested parties
The thin hot air, pregnant with mutual respect for all peoples of all stripes and religions
Altogether a lovely afternoon in Keren